About Us

I'm Ken and I am the owner and creator of 99gardentips.com. I am an old, retired guy that loves cooking and gardening. I have no degrees in anything...except, perhaps, "life".

So, what qualifies me to offer you garden tips?

Perhaps...nothing. You can be the judge. I have been a home, back yard gardener for 50+ years (yes, I'm an old guy). I have no financial interest or incentive in creating this site. It's simply a hobby and desire to share my experiences in gardening...and a lot of research over the years.

I started gardening in my mid-30's. My interest is primarily in vegetable gardening but I have grown many flowers also...and had many failures along the way. I have made about every mistake one could make. And...I have learned a lot.

Today, I have a large garden (see images below) and being retired I have a lot of time. Sadly, my family is all gone so I live alone with 2 dogs and a cat which I'm convinced is satan in disguise.

My Garden pic 1

My Garden pic 2

I stated that I have no financial incentive in creating this site, but you will find google ads here. So, what's up with that? Well, the ads here are to simply help pay the hosting fees for the site. That income does not make enough to even cover the cost. And, of course, you are free to ignore the ads. There are no fees, membership or cost of any kind to the site visitors to view the site.

So, enjoy the tips and "keep on gardening."